Poker Shirt Picture - Which Poker Tournament is Good for You in Gambling Online

If you love poker shirt picture and play poker when gambling online, then you can choose to join several tournaments about it that will make you rich when you can win it. You can’t deny that poker is the most liked game in the world and there are many people choose this game until join the tournament to win the money prize. In gambling online, there are also many people who play pokerace99 and other variant about it because they know this game are full of fun and also thrill along with the challenges. There are also some perfect tournaments to join without visiting the real casino because those tournaments will give you the same huge prize like other competitions.

Know The Whale Tournament In Gambling Online

One of the gambling online competitions you can choose when you like poker is The Whale Tournament. You don’t need to wait for a year to join this tournament because this is held every month and you have to access the 888 poker site to play and join the competition with the guaranteed prize pool is around $250.000. The prize might not be as high as other competitions but you will get that amount of money every month if you win the game. This tournament will be held in the end of month on Sunday.

The players who are interested can join this competition through some different qualifications or you can pay the direct buy-ins which may cost around $530. Additionally, 888 poker will host as well the Baby Whale tournament that costs around $320 usually and it will feature around $100 of the prize pool. When you talk about the tournament’s structure, the participating players will start around 10.000 chips and every level will last for about 25 minutes and both of them don’t allow the re-buys.

It means, you can’t re-buy to join Baby Whale and Whale tournament if you lose the game. Apart from this fact, the tournament may feature the high stahdard of multi-table strategy and it is noting that in several occasions, 888 poker will give the higher prize pool until $500 that will double the tournament with $200 usual offering. The special tournament is open for everyone and you can test out the skill and also luck there on the tournament so you know whether you are good enough to win the game.

Poker Tournaments You can Choose in Gambling Online

Another gambling online competition you can join when you like poker is PokerStars Sunday Warm Up and it will be held every Sunday on PokerStars site with the prize pool is around $135,000. This is another best event of online poker that deserves the spot since there are many people who join and compete this tournament every week. If you are interested on this game, then you can invest the buy in around $215 or you can get qualified through the satellite tournaments and be the winner there.

When it comes to the satellite events, they will run for the entire week. The tournament may follow the standard structure of poker tournament with the blind levels that can last for 15 minutes and each person that is participating will get 10,000 chips. This tournament is considered as one of the oldest online tournaments since it was first held in 2006 and this was once introduced as the high-roller tournaments for those who loved betting in high amount and those who wanted the biggest prize.

Another poker tournament you can choose is Sunday Special which is also held every Sunday but you have to access the America’s Cardroom or ACR site with the prize pool is around $115,000. This tournament hosts some of the best tournaments of poker for the American players and the first place player will get around $20k of the prize. This tournament will cost around $215 and all players may start the game with 10,000 chips that will give those participating players more rooms to play.

You can also join the regular satellite events when you want to get qualified to the main event and start the game with the lower buy in. However, when you want to get through the main event without passing the qualification, then you can pay the direct buy in if you want but with the higher amount. You can choose which one you want and especially choose about the great pokerace99 tournament so you can get the chance to improve your skill while getting the experience to be better in playing poker.